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"Dollars" and "Cents"


Recommended by Ophelia, one of the library's adult reference librarians.

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The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing

by Kenneth M. Morris
1332059.jpg I came across this little gem in 1999, and it has proven to be a most useful primer ever since. It explains, in plain everyday language, what investment instruments are and how they work. Novice investors as well as experienced ones who need a refresher will be attracted to its concise information as well as clear and pleasing format. The revised 2004 edition retains the same charm.

The Beardstown Ladies Little Book of Investment Wisdom

by the Beardstown Ladies Investment Club
1152946.jpg I was first drawn to the Beardstown Ladies because of their common-sense style of investment.The successful run of their investment club over a ten-year period speaks well of their down-to-earth investment approach. Their advice soon expands to include how to grow your nest egg and smart spending for big savings. Here in this little book of inspiration about money and investing, they dispense the best of their investment advice among snapshots and illustrations.

The Motley Fools Rule Breakers, Rule Makers: The Foolish Guide to Picking Stocks

by David & Tom Gardner
1165713.jpg This title is certainly more fun than most books on stock-picking, and the insights into companies are amusing. The Gardner brothers offer advice on how to evaluate investment potentials of specific companies. They establish the rules, and then proceed to break them.The Motley Fools Website is a fun place to get their latest takes on stocks.

The New Buffettology

by Mary Buffett and David Clark
1314391.jpg Warren Buffett, second only to Bill Gates, Jr. in terms of weath, has a legendary investment style that is hard-nosed and no nonsense. His pragmatic approach has turned $105,000 into $30 billion. I love knowing how the investment gurus mind works, dont you?

Beating the Street

by Peter Lynch with John Rothchild
1116411.jpg Part memoir and part investment book, Lynch, a most successful fund manager at one point, gives me the confidence that theres no reason why the individual investor cant match wits with the experts. I like his motto invest in what you know. His research-based method is a sound one.