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Recommended by Laura, one of the library's adult reference librarians.

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Miss Flora McFlimseys Christmas Eve

by Mariana This book combines two of my very favorite things Christmas and dolls something about the two always seem to go together. I remember my mother reading this story to me as a child. Each time I would fill with joy as Miss Flora McFlimsey, the little doll of long ago, is given the chance to be loved again by another child on Christmas Eve.

Gene Marshall: Girl Star

by Mel Odom
1227520.jpg Gene Marshall is a fabulous fashion doll that has taken the collectibles world by storm. She is also a centerpiece of my personal doll collection. One of the most wonderful things about Gene is the fantasy world created by the doll and her fashions she is one of Hollywoods most dazzling stars, discovered in 1941 while serving as an usherette. This book tells her story and is complete with all the glamour and stardust that helped me fall in love with this incredible doll.

Theatre de la Mode: Fashion Dolls, the Survival of Haute Couture

1283505.jpg The story of the Theatre de la Mode combines my love of history with my love of dolls and their fashions. In 1944, battered and worn from four years of foreign occupation, Paris set out to prove to the world that couture fashion was alive and well. Minimal resources called for unprecedented cooperation and creativity. The result was the 27-inch fashion queens who toured the world in 1945 and 1946. I love to pour over the pictures in this book again and again.

Barbie: A Visual Guide to the Ultimate Fashion Doll

1190094.jpg This is my favorite Barbie book simply because of the pictures. Barbie was a favorite friend when I was a child and this book provides a guided tour down memory lane. As a collector, I love the coverage of Barbies early years. Besides, what doll lover could resist a completed family tree with Barbie and all her friends and family.

The Best Loved Doll

by Rebecca Caudill
1028916.jpg Dolls have always played an important role in my life both as a child and even now as an adult. This charming tale reminds me why they are just so easy to love. Betsy is invited to a party at which prizes will be given for the oldest doll, the best-dressed doll, and the doll who can do the most things. But Betsy chooses to bring Jennifer, a doll of a different sort. With her tangled hair and patched cheeks, she's Betsy's best-loved doll.