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Books I Remember the Most


Recommended by Kathy, formerly one of the library's children's librarians.

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by Sir Walter Scott
1243083.jpg I didnt like to read as a kid, but in the 10th grade my English teacher had us read Ivanhoe and do projects. The book came to life for me, probably for the first time I was in that story. Knights, castles, damsels in distresswow!

Island of the Blue Dolphins

by Scott ODell b1031055
1031055.jpg In library school, I was introduced to this incredible survival story of a young girl left alone on an Aleutian island for 18 years! I fell in love with the story and have read it many, many times.


by Andrew Clements b1139335
1139335.jpg Frindle is a more recent title about a boy who invented a new words and a 5th grade teacher who challenges him to substantiate his word. Its about words and how important they are. Its about believe in self and others. I recommended this title to my best friend and she reads it every year to her 4th grade class.

Because of Winn-Dixie

by Kate Di Camillo B1187328
1187328.jpg 4th text description

The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963

by Christopher Paul Curtis B11333571
1133357.jpg This story, about an African-American family who settles in Flint, Michigan, but who havent yet become accustomed to Michigan weather, put me through the wringer! I laughed till I cried over the antics of the children and then cried from the church bombing which occurred during their visit to Grandmas in the summer of 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.