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Novel Approach: Give Me a Well-Written Novel Anytime


Recommended by Marcia, program coordinator for the Canton Public Library.

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The Grapes of Wrath

by John Steinbeck
1012505.jpg This is probably the first GREAT novel I ever read. IT is a true masterpiece of emotion and characterizations. Grapes holds a mirror up to society, our prejudices and compassions. The impact of the last scene will forever exist in my memory and will define all great books for me.

One True Thing

by Anna Quindlen
1114397.jpg Ill admit that Anna Quindlen is my all-time favorite author. She puts words together so wella true master wordsmith. The story of a successful daughter caring for her dying mother should be compulsory reading for all women. Each takes their turn as teacher and student toward the inevitable, yet surprising, ending. Grab a box of tissues first.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

by Tracy Chevalier
1179782.jpg Chevalier recreates the 17th century Netherlands to perfection. This alluring tale melds fact and fiction with the story behind Vermeers famous painting. The vivid details allow the reader to experience the sights, sounds, and personalities of the era. I really felt as though I was living this book as I read it.

The Poisonwood Bible

by Barbara Kingsolver
1162694.jpg Kingsolver beautifully weaves together 1950s Belgian Congo history with the story of Nathan Price, his wife and four daughters. Her lyrical sentences paint vivid pictures of landscape, people and politics. The story is told through the distinct voices of the Price women. Kingsolver is a first-rate storyteller.

Bel Canto

by Ann Patchett
1205065.jpg Patchett shows the true meaning of communication in her artfully told story of drama and love. A group of international hostages, unable to connect with words, do so on a much deeper plane through music, emotions, desperation and love. This is a warm, compassionate tale I couldnt put down.