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Funny Picture Books that Adults Will Enjoy too

Recommended by Stefanie, formerly one of the library's adult reference librarians.

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I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato

by Lauren Child A picture book that makes eating vegetables seem like fun would find itself on almost any parents list. But the sly way that Charlie gets his younger sister Lola to eat her vegetables is good fun for all. After all, who wouldnt like to eat cloud fluff or orange twiglets from Jupiter? Child both wrote and illustrated the book, and the plot, vibrant mixed-media illustrations, and funky text layout work fabulously together.

Lillys Purple Plastic Purse

by Kevin Henkes

Lilly loves school, especially her teacher, Mr. Slinger. She cant keep her excitement to herself because she has three jingly quarters, movie-star sunglasses, and musical plastic purse. When Mr. Slinger confiscates the goods, she writes him a nasty note, only to find upon regaining her purse a nice note from him and some tasty snacks. Whats a mouse to do to make things right? The illustration feature some fabulous asides and perfectly express the wide range of Lillys emotions. As for the text, Wow, thats really all I can say. (Try Ian Falconers Olivia books for a comparable spunky character.)

Mouse Mess

by Linnea Riley As the family of the house goes to bed, Mouse awakes from his sardine can bed to venture into the kitchen for a snack. Oh what a snack! And what a mess! Mouses rhyming kitchen scavenge involves all kinds of antics for kids to love, such as raking cornflakes and building brown sugar castles. The artwork is a feast for the eyes of all ages. And everyone can join together in the finale, Who made this awful mess, asks Mouse, These people need to clean their house!

Duck on a Bike

by David Shannon Whoever heard of a duck riding a bike? This is precisely what makes the book so funny. As duck bravely rides through the farmyard we hear the familiar barnyard greetings from various animals, but we also get the humorous translation of what each animal is really thinking! Cow, for example, thinks Duck is pretty silly. While Dog thinks its a pretty neat trick. The expressions on the animals faces are priceless throughout, but never more so than in the double page spread that features them all trying out some wheels.

Bunny Cakes

by Rosemary Wells Max wants to make an earthworm cake with Red Hot Marshmallow Squirters on top for his Grandmas birthday, while his older sister Ruby insists on an angel surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing. But Max is no help in the kitchen; the eggs are knocked to the floor, milk and flour are spilled. Each time Max is sent to the store with a grocery list for the damaged ingredient, he tries to write the marshmallow squirters on the list, but the grocer just cant quite read what Max has written. Kids will laugh at Maxs clumsiness and appreciate his efforts to gain the squirters, while adults will notice his determination and sympathize with Grandma, who cant decide which cake to eat first.