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Wrote a song about a summer yard sale

Spare Change

Mister since your sifting through

The stuff in my backyard

Please don’t dig too hard

Don’t dismiss the things that I discard


What's the value of these things

Their crowding out the past

Life goes by so fast

I never thought that anything would last


      There's little in my world left to arrange

      All I'm really asking for is your spare change


Hey there, would you help me I'm

In search of a lost chord

Tired of being bored

That’s one thing I really can't afford


Collecting old objects is

Like some old sad refrain

Driving me insane

In need of a transfusion to my brain


     Maybe I seem anxious or deranged

     All I'm really asking' is for everything to change


Sister since you're listening' that's not

Junk in my garage

I've been living large

Never saw the point of being in charge


All of these attachments are like

Pages in a book

I can't bear to look

Time it seems is hanging from a hook


     Sister if it doesn’t seem so strange;

     Maybe you'd assist me; I'm just trying to make some change


Sun, 2013-07-14 22:55
nice song