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Watched the Olympics opening ceremony and swimming

The ceremony started out really well. The grassy landscape was really impressive, and when it turned industrialized, I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. However, it started getting a little too weird after that. I can't imagine any sane person saying, "I know, let's have a crazed long-gray-haired lady bang on some drums (though the fact that she was deaf did not slip by me and was rather impressive) and then make a tree float and then we should get millions of hospital beds with glowing blankets!! Oh and also a giant inflatable Voldemort who deflates in defeat when millions of Mary Poppinses fly in! And then the children start dancing, and then the nurses join them in a really creepy dance!" And then everyone in the board room claps and cheers. But I suppose that's what happened. And now for a gigantic one-paragraph sentence: When the children's choir was singing "Danny Boy," which is apparently a very well-known song in Britain but I'd never heard it before, I thought they were saying "Danny Boyle" and I was like, "WHAT? DANNY BOYLE YOU NARCISSISTIC FREAK" but then I was relieved to realize they weren't. All in all I thought the ceremony was pretty weird yet really awesome! And then I watched swimming, and I was like "YAY ALLISON" and "OMG MICHAEL"