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Run/Design/Blog a book review website

I am the creator/writer of the book review blog Unabridged Andra's ( On the site I host giveaways, interview authors, and most importantly review books! I typically stick to young adult books, but try to get my adult books in here and there and sometimes even middle grade fiction! I also love to showcase Independant or "Indie" authors because they can write some kick-butt books as well! I don't need library challenges to be a non-stop reader. Though I've been a bookworm since middle school (I've got the trophy from the 4th grade read-a-thon to prove it), I've been reviewing books generally having a bookish blast for about a year no. Recently have also agreed to become a tour hosting partner with several publishing companies, and tour hosts: Kismet publishing, Goddess Fish Productions, and Dark Minded Blog Tours. What is a blog tour do you say? WELL, when author's want to draw attention to their new books, they sometimes don't have the money or resources to actually visit different states to do a release then the blogs come in to help! I typically host anywhere from 4-10 tours a MONTH...usually offering free books as a giveaway! Sound geeky (and bookish!) enough for you all?? Feel free to check out the site and reviews. I have them organized by author, title, and genre for convenience! I'd love to hear from my fellow Canton-ites and I'm even giving away a free audiobook this week!