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Wonderstuck was a fast-read book considering it's size! But that's only because half of the book is a 2-page picture.I still loved this book though. This is a book about a Deaf on one ear boy who lives with his aunt ever since his mom died. But when he visits the house where he used to live on one stormy night, he finds his dad's address, but then a lightning bolt flashes and shocks the boy on his only good ear when he tries to call his Dad's contact info. Now completly deaf and in the hospital. He runs away and goes to find his Dad. The other story is about a girl, who lives before the boy, who always liked the city and wants to visit her mom, who's a star. But this is also deaf, and this is also about HER journey to the city, only to not be wanted by her mom.Now somehow these stories will collide into one and to find out.... I recommend you read the book!