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Read Pride and Prejudice

I had high expectations for this book but it ended up being what was probably the most boring book I've ever read. It was listed under the "Teen Books Made Into Movies" category for this badge so I thought I'd give it a go. Now that I've read it, I assume the movie was far better, given how much people love it, though I've never seen it. I read the entire thing, and it just got worse and worse as it went on. It was like if you took your own average boring life, set it in the 1700's, and then thought that in writing your autobiography, the reader was deeply interested in every boring annoying detail of your low-drama love life. The only good part of the book was whenever Jane Austen wrote about Mr. Bennet, Elizabeth's father. He had a very quirky sense of humor that added life to really dull moments. His humor was kind of dry, so at first it was uncomfortable to read because you couldn't tell whether he was a really weird man who was being completely serious or if he was trying to be funny, but about halfway through the book I concluded he was trying to be funny and it totally worked.