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Read "Magic Tree House #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark" to my little brother

My brother wanted me to read him a story so I decided to read him the first book to the Magic Tree House Series. The 1st book is about 2 kids named Jack and his younger sister Annie. One day they discover a treehouse full of books. But when Jack picks up a dinosaur book and then wishes that he could really see the Pteranodon pictured in one of them, it appears at the window and they find themselves in a dinosaur land. They decide to explore the land and soon are threatened by a Tyrannosaurus.Good thing the Pteranodon comes to their rescue. Soon after the rescue, they had figured out enough about the magic that carried them back in time to be able to use it to return home. If you want to find out what was the magic that carried them to this land, I recommend that you read the book to find out. This is also a great book for beggining chapter book reader.