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Read the Book "Oh,Boy Mallory"

Oh Boy Mallory was a small book compared to the other books I usually read. But, it was still a pretty good book just like the rest of the series, and don't worry, this book is not very "lovey-dovey".In this diary-type book, Mallory a girl who is in 4th grade, is told that one of the coolest boys in 5th grade secretly likes her, although it doesn't seem like that when he calls just to talk with Mallory's brother about the big baseball game.And when Mallory is invited to one of her best friend's birthday party and says yes, guess who calls, yep, Mallory's "Boyfriend" calling to invite her to HIS pool party. Stuck between what to do now, Mallory has to make a very hard decision, missout on a friend's party, or missout on a party that her other friends want/force her to go to because it's such a once-in-a-lifetime party for a 4th grade girl that even they would have went. What is her decision, find out in Oh, Boy Mallory!