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Played Ultimate Frisbee at Freedom Park

Found a pickup game after disc golfing. We played for over 2 hours in the rain!



Fri, 2011-06-17 13:12

Brad, I would like to know more about disc golf. My husband and I go out to Hudson Mills park on occasion, and I know they have a "course" there. Last week we stopped at a convenience store close to the park. I couldn't believe all the disc golf supplies they had. Hundreds of different styled discs and disc bags that could hold 2 dozen or more discs. Do you use different style/weight discs for different throws? Could you give us a brief rundown on the game? CJ

Brad Czerniak
Fri, 2011-06-17 15:37

Introduction to Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a lot like regular golf, except instead of a little cup in the ground the target is a basket with chains on a pole. And instead of hitting a little ball with a club, you throw a frisbee. It's this second difference that explains why disc golf holes are usually shorter than regular golf holes.

At most park courses, people who have disced more than a few times will ignore the par as indicated at the tee box markers and instead treat every hole as a par 3. Shots then break down to 1 drive, 1 approach shot, and 1 putt.

In terms of equipment, it all comes down to personal preference. I choose to play entirely with one disc, despite having owned quite a few discs over the years. My go-to disc at any given time is my least-damaged driver. Driver discs have very sharp edges compared to other discs, like midranges or putters. The airfoil of these frisbees makes them well-suited for a particular type of shot (in theory, anyway). If you're going to use more than one disc, you'll probably want a bag to hold them, along with your paraphernalia.

The biggest mistake when it comes to disc golf, and the one that turns people off to the sport, is trying to use a toy frisbee instead of a golf disc. Golf discs have a smaller diameter, weigh more, and have more-aggressive airfoils. This combination means greater distance. With a crummy frisbee, disc golf isn't fun at all.

Lastly, disc golf shares a congenial attitude with other frisbee sports. The people who play disc golf or ultimate frisbee tend to be friendly and inclusive.