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Learned how to use my Kindle

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I am reading an ebook: Danger in the Shadows by: Dee Henderson
I received a Kindle as a gift, tried to use it once, but got frustrated and left it alone for months. This week I set aside some time to learn how to check out books, read them, highlight them, take notes and how to use the various buttons. While this is an alternate way to read, I still prefer to hold the book that I am reading.


Thu, 2013-07-18 15:49
Congrats on learning to use your Kindle! And the book you are reading is one of my favorites. I've found that I really like to use my Kindle when I go on vacation--I read fast, so being able to take just One Kindle with 10 books on it saves my back from the 10 physical books I'd have to lug along with me (or if we're being realistic here that my husband would carry for me.) :) Happy Reading!