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I went to the Water Park with my mom and little brother!!!

I went to the Water Park with my mom and little brother yesterday. It was a good day to go there because it was about 100 degrees outside! Anyway, it was so fun because I got soaking wet. I love sitting in this red thing where it shoots mist at you and I love the big buckets that pour a lot of water on you. My mom didn't really get wet, but, who's gonna make her, you know? It was funny because my brother and I found a cup so we kept dumping water on another girl, and she kept dumping water on us, and it went on like that for a while. We chased each other around while we were doing that but I eventually got bored. The Water Park was supposed to close at 7pm (thats when we got there) but it actually closed at 8pm. So we were there for about an hour. It was a big risk because we didn't know how much time we would have until the water shut off. Lol...I went wild alright... :)