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I went to the Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum!!!

Today, I went to the Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum and it was spectacular! You actually felt like you were in the ship in a bedroom or standing on the grand staircase. I kinda got tired of reading all of the descriptions posted everywhere so I just skimmed through everything. There were lots of interesting items that were covered by glass so no one would touch them. You could get an idea of what the people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd class ate and the dishes that they used. The cool part was that all of those items were real! They were actually dug up 2.5 miles below the ocean to where the Titanic still lies. I liked the big wall of real ice that modeled an iceberg. Around the end, there was a big list of all the people that died and who lived (more people died than lived). Right when you entered the exhibit, you got a fake boarding pass and it said someones name that went on the Titanic and other information about them. It was really fun because you got to see if your person lived or died...and my person lived!!! Two out of six people in my family died, sadly, and only my mom and I were 1st class (my dad and brothers were 3rd class). There was a little gift shop stocked with many Titanic related things too. I learned some really cool things. I thought that going through the exhibit was a wonderful experience and that lots of people would love to learn some more about a once beautiful ship that set sail about 100 years ago... :)