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I went to the State theater in Ann Arbor and watched "Midnights in Paris", written and produced by Woody Allen

It's a about an American writer named Gill Pender (Owen Wilson) who makes a trip to Paris with his fiance (Rachel McAdams). Alone on the streets late one night, after a little too much wine, Gill gets into a strange car and is transported back to the 20s, a time he had imagined to be the best times of Paris. There he meets several of his literary idols such as Hemingway and Fitzgerald along with a woman he begins taking interest in. However, the car that takes him to the 20s only drives by at midnight. He beging traveling back every night until his fiance's father starts getting suspicious and Gill himself begins questioning his life, which is being lived in two different time periods! It's a light-hearted yet gripping film that will enchant you and get you thinking about life, love, passions and what it means to live in the present. :)