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I went camping in Heritage Park!!!

I went camping in Heritage Park (next to the library) on july 13th. Our family has been going camping there for years. The area of the camp out was changed a little this time. We got there kinda late so I didn't get to play the games and jump around in the inflatable things. We set up our tent by a pond so we were lucky to have a very beautiful scene. My family and I just spent time hanging out and drinking pop. Later, we made s'mores. I put two marshmallows on a stick but one got really gooey and almost fell off. My marshmallows caught on fire but I blew on them and the fire disappeared. The guy who gives you all of your supplies gave me extra chocolate because it took him a while to open the bag of chocolate. He was a funny guy. Anyway, after my mom and two of my brothers left to go home, my dad, little brother and I set up our chairs to see the movie. I ate some popcorn. Yum! The movie we saw was The Smurfs. We missed about half of it so I didn't really follow the story. I thought the rest of the movie was very cute though. When the movie was over, we went back to our tent and my dad fell asleep quickly. My little brother fell asleep later but I wasn't tired. I finally went to bed a little past 3:00 am. I didn't get much sleep. In the morning, I ate some cereal and waited for the rest of my family to pick me up and put all of our supplies that we brought with us in the car. My dad bought my little brother and I smoothies from McDonalds. They were delicious! I just walked around and fed the ducks popcorn. I saw some baby ducks and they were so cute! I guess I had some fun camping in Heritage Park... :)