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I tried the new Cantina Bowl at Taco Bell on sunday with my mom!!!

The Cantina Bowl is very delicious and pretty healthy actually and it's something I would totally want to eat again. It's a salad with beans, rice, corn, pepper salsa (I don't know what that is), cilantro dressing and guacamole made from real avocados (don't worry, there wasn't a lot of it and I couldn't really taste it because I mixed it with the salad). I had the choice of getting it with chicken, steak or vegetables but I chose the chicken. Lorena Garcia is the chef who invented this wonderful meal and it only came out about a month ago. The salad only comes in one size (which didn't fill me up...i'm a hungry girl!) and is about five dollars. So go out and try the Cantina Bowl! I enjoy trying new things so i'm sure you will love it too... :)


Tue, 2012-08-07 21:36
Sounds like a yummy and healthy choice.