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Danced like Jane Austen

The heroines in Jane Austen dance in dignified figures, following the rules of polite society. This wasn't quite like that, but I did have the opportunity to participate in some Traditional Folk Dancing. Besides getting quite a workout, I had a great time dancing with good friends.

Afterward, I found some related reading materials:

Dancing in the streets: a history of collective joy by Barbara Ehrenreich — I slogged through this, but really enjoyed this look at the place of dancing within community rituals. The author connects community dance to depression, revolution, politics, religion, and it's all fascinating, if a bit dry at times.

A truth universally acknowledged: 33 great writers on why we read Jane Austen by edited by Susannah Carson ; foreword by Harold Bloom — And a tribute to Jane Austen, the author of my mental well-being.