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Sleuth It: Super Bookworm

I read The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Murder Will Out: July 2014

Carol Carr's India Black,  Lyndsay Faye's Timothy Wilde, and Karen Keskinen's Jaymie Zarling are back. Reed Farrell Coleman is wrapping up Moe Praeger's stories so this book is a flashback to Moe's first detecting job. Looking for something new, try Ian Hamilton's or Ingrid Thoft's debut novels.

Black current by Karen Keskinen

India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy by Carol K. Carr

Seven for a secret by Lyndsay Faye

Onion Street: a Moe Prager mystery by Reed Farrel Coleman

The wild beasts of Wuhan: an Ava Lee novel by Ian Hamilton

Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft

I read a book called " Watch your whiskers".

Geronimo wanted to read the rodents gazette

Read Plum Spooky

I read a book

I read Bones and the Apple Pie by David Adler

Read Annie's Ghost by Steve Luxenberg

read Killer Honeymoon

Another great book by G.A. McKevett. Savanna and Dirk are finally on their honeymoon when they witness a murder on the beach. It will take the whole Moonlight Magnolia team to solve this one.

I read the book Pie


mallory Mcdonald

Checked out Games magazine on Zinio

Not only do I like mysteries but I love puzzles. A gaming magazine is a great mixture of both. Easy and tough puzzles alike get the brain moving!

Read Reconstructing Amelia

A great mystery book about the truth as to how Amelia really died, was it a suicide, an accident, or did someone kill her?

Read the book - Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

Read "Crooked Little Vein" by Warren Ellis

Crooked Little Vein was a very odd, very epic, depraved mystery/crime novel.

I read a book called "Nancy Drew: High Risk" by Carolyn Keene

This book is about a girl named Nancy Drew. She's a girl detective who solves mysteries. In this book, a huge corporation is suing a lady named Evaline Waters for her land; they want to tear down her house and put up a warehouse. And documentation of the zoning law that would protect Evaline's right to keep her land is missing. But at the same time, she's having flying lessons with a guy named Frank. Will she be able to solve the case while having flying lessons? You find out. So be sure to check it out!

Geronimo stiltion: the peculiar pumpkin thief

This book is about a clown who steals pumpkins from halloween stores, builds a mystery park and gives everyone an invitation to the party held there. They get stuck inside the park because the gates were locked. Meanwhile, the clown stole all the money from houses. Geronimo solves the mystery and catches the clown.

Read scooby doo

Read scooby doo