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Sleuth It: Super Bookworm

Read the book knock knock mystery

Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery

This book was one of my favorites this summer. It was about Cam's grandparents trip. On their way to Cam;s house their luggage was stolen. It was up to Cam to figure out the mystery. It ended up being the Taxi driver!

Listened to Game by Barry Lyga.

read the red blazer girls

as i read the book i learned about different methods of math.

Read The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Frederick Stonehouse

My mom read Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure to me

I read a scooby doo book called The Movie Star Mystery

Checked out a Mystery

Alibi by Joseph Kenon

Read "I Spy: School"

Discovered the Secrets of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar

The secret life of the woolly bear caterpillar by illustrated by Joan Paley ; Laurence Pringle

Read about the mystery of dinosaurs and their dogs

How do dinosaurs love their dogs? by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Mark Teague — By the end, we solved the mystery of how Dinosaurs love their Dogs.

Started to read The Secrets of Shaksphers Grave.

I read The Case of the Missing Apples

read 'arthur mystery of the soccer fight'

Read "In the Company of Cheerful Ladies" by Alexander McCall Smith

I really enjoy this series of stories of Ms Ramotswe and her detective agency. She always gets her issues in her gentle and persistent ways and there's always a good laugh in the story.

Read 'The Camp-out mystery' by gertrude warner

Boxcar children find strange things happening during their camp trip

Young Cam Jansen and the Knock Knock Mystery