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My Mitten: Super Bookworm

Read The Michigan Counting Book

Read a Michigan Map

My mom and I looked at a Michigan map and I could see our township of Canton!

I read a book about michigan

Read the July issue of "Hour" magazine

I read Cry in the Night by Colleen Coble.

This book is part of the Rock Harbor series. Rock Harbor is a fictional town in the UP. The story centers on the discovery of an abandoned baby and other strange occurrences in the town.

I read The Legend of the Sleeping Bear

Read Derek Jeter

Read "Lost Detroit: stories behind the Motor City's majestic ruins" by Dan Austin

In words and photographs (old and modern), this book chronicles about a dozen of Detroit's most beautiful buildings (most built between the early 1900s and the early 1930s) that have suffered the ravages of time, weather, and political, economic and social changes since they were originally built. It is not as depressing a book as I originally expected. The stories and people behind these buildings are fascinating, and they remind me that the city of Detroit had a grand and sparkling past. I see some of that grandness and sparkle slowly returning to the city but in different ways. I am excited and hopeful about Detroit's future!

Read the history of Michigan

Read Detroit Tigers 101 by Brad Epstein

Read Detroit Tigers 101 by Brad Epstein

read "rosa parks"

Read American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell

i read the book 50 great states

I read the chapter on Michigan. I learned that robin is are state bird,and Apple blossoms is are state flower

Read, Getting to Know Michigan

This book included fun coloring pages along with a lot of informational text about Michigan's history

Read The Michigan Counting Book by Kathy Jo Wargin.

I read "Lake Huron." I learned about the history of Michigan.