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Love It: Super Bookworm

Read The Fault In Our Stars

I read The Fault In Our Stars. It was a great book, very inspiring!

My mom read the Two Sillies to me.

I read Freddie Fernortner Fearless First Grader.

Read the book Say What: Margaret Peterson Haddix

I enjoyed this book because it was a hilarious book about kids tricking their parents.

Picked up a book that I never finished

I started reading "The Unicorn Trade" by Poul Anderson and Karen Anderson but I put it down months ago and forgot about it. So I'm picking it back up again to keep reading it. It's hard to remember what happened before I left off; I shouldn't have waited so long!

read a book

checked out & read a couple Lego city books

My cousins have a lot of Legos. I'm discovering that i like them too & i enjoy the lego books.

Checked out Naked Mole Rat... Again

Naked mole rat gets dressed by words and pictures by Mo Willems — I could read this every day. These naked mole rats are HILARIOUS!

Loved a little Barnyard Dance

Rhinoceros tap [sound recording]: and 14 other seriously silly songs by Boynton and Ford ; with lyrics by Sandra Boynton — The song is on this CD, but the book is one of my favorites.

Caption Hooks Shadow.

I love the book the Ugly's one of my favorites

read 'a treasury of indian tales'

Read 'This isn't what it looks like' by P.Bosch

Its about Cass travelling back in time

love these fairy books!

Azzi in between

Azzi in Between

I read May magic

I read The Missing Piece.