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Geek Out: Super Bookworm

I read PINOCULA by Obert Skyll

I read PINOCULA by Obert Skyll

I read 'Potterwookie"

I read 'Potterwookie"

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I read Godzilla comics 1-13

They were interesting. Kind of wierd in a way.

Read the robots of dawn

I read a book on robots

It showed all kinds of robots

I read a book called Tip-Tap-Mom.It's by Nancy Krulik.

Read "My Dad, My Hero"

It was funny when the Superhero Daddy only wore underwear.

Read "Financial Peace"

In my family's quest to be better with finances, I have become quite a "geek" when it comes to budgets.

I read Cinder

This is a futuristic-fiction book about a cyborg named Cinder and her mission to stop an evil queen from ruling Earth.

I read Out of My Mind

I read the Minecraft redstone handbook.


I have a big obsession with pll

Read a Spider-Man comic called Concrete Jungle

The book had 4 stories in it. In the first story, it had to deal with a guy who dressed up as people to get a painting. In the second story, it was about how someone that spider-man knew robbed a museum to get a special artifact which caused bad luck. In the third story, it was about Doctor Octopus' arms finding Spider-Man, but they did not attack him. In the last story, it was about a scientist that took this medicine to grow his arm, but he turned into a lizard.

Read some Spider-Man

Fully charged by written by Brittany Candau ; based on the screenplay by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci & Jeff Pinkner ; produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach ; directed by Marc Webb ; illustrated by Andy Smith, Drew Geraci, and Pete Pantazis


The book is about a person who arrives in an ancient city and discovers that the city is cursed

read the Colossus Rises

This book is part of a series called Seven Wonders. I read it for the first time and half the time I was either scared of what was coming next or anxious in waiting to see the end. It kept me wanting and more and I caught myself sympathizing with the characters. It was a crazy book with a ton of twists.

super smash bros brawl