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Geek Out: Super Bookworm

Read Harry Potter book 4

turkey monster

Read a series from Baby Mouse

I read the Pokemon Ultimate Handbook.

I got a book about skeleton.

I made won.

I read Divergent by Veronica Roth

I read Twilight

Awesome book! One of my all time favorites!:D

Read "How They Choked"

How they choked: failures, flops, and flaws of the awfully famous by Georgia Bragg ; illustrated by Kevin O'Malley — This was an informative and fun read. I learned a lot about some very famous historical figures, particularly the not-so-great aspects of their personalities (something that usually gets glossed over in your typical history book).

We read, "Xtreme Space Exploration" by S.L. Hamilton

I learned about the people who landed on the moon. Also about some of the tools they used. An American flag was left on the moon


I read the book Ungifted by: Gordon Korman

Read Tiny Titans

Read a poem.

I read Tiny Titains

Watched my favorite show Cake Boss

This show is on TLC and the person who makes it is Buddy and he has the best and beautiful cakes in the universe.

I read about cultures that has animals, adventures, and comedy along the way

so a girl gets trapped in the past in the Greeks area and she finds hilarious new friends along the way

I read PINOCULA by Obert Skyll