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Geek Out: Super Bookworm

read 'dogs 101'

my passion is dogs

read book

me read nancy drew, a mystery series. me love mysteries.

read a mystery book

I read nancy drew, which are a mystery series. I love mysteries.

Read 'Henry Huggins' by beverly cleary

Henry finds pets to smuggle home and take care of them

I read a book about computers

i read all the Diveregent trilogy

storied life a j.k. filkry

I read a book about ABC's

Read my piano sheet music.

Excel 2010 Books

Let's have some fun with Excel:
Excel Outside the Box and Rev up to Excel

I read a book called "Knucklehead" by Jon Scieszka

This book is about Jon Scieszka (who is an author) and the crazy stuff that he did in his past. So be sure to check it out!

Read "The Reality of Mass Media" by Niklaus Luhmann

Luhmann extends his theory of social systems—applied in his earlier works to the economy, the political system, art, religion, the sciences, and law—to an examination of the role of mass media in the construction of social reality.

read new books

PC World magazine on Zinio

Very informative and useful! Can't wait to check out past issues too.

First Book of Space

By National Geographic.. I love to know about Space and Fighter planes!

I read a book about doing experiments in the kitchen

Read Kingdom Keepers 4