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Game On: Super Bookworm

Read Biscuit Plays Ball

read 'get set swim' by jeanine atkins

read book

me read 39 clues, a high stakes scavenger hunt

read a book

I read 39 clues, a high stakes scavenger hunt.

Read 'Everything kids soccer book' by Deborah Crisfield

Its about fun facts and tips on soccer

read up on cheer leading

Venus & Serena Williams in the Community

I read Football

I read The Science of Snowboarding

I read cam jansen sports day mysteries

it was a really good book it was funny and corny at the same time!

Read baseball hour

Read the book "The Charioteer from Delphi" by Caroline Lawrence

Set in Rome in AD 80, the 12th of the Roman Series books gives readers a horse's eye view of the ancient chariot races held in the city's hippodrome, Circus Maximus. Romans cheered for their favorite teams, designated by color: The Greens, Blues, Reds and Whites competed in dangerous and often deadly races. Charioteers (also called aurigas) were wrapped tightly with leather straps attached to the harnesses of four horses. If a charioteer fell or was knocked off of the chariot, he would have to cut himself free from the straps with a knife or risk being dragged or trampled to death by the horses. Flavia Gemina, the main character, and her friends are trying to solve the mystery of who is trying to sabotage the Greens--and why.

I read a book called "Galaxy Games: The Challengers" by Greg R. Fishbone

This book was about a boy named Tyler Sato. When an alien spaceship came to earth, the alien asks Tyler to compete in this thing called the Galaxy Games. And losing is not an option. Will Tyler win? Or will earth have to suffer defeat? Read the book!

i read the book Panic

i watched Fifa

Read the magazine Chitralekha and India Today.

I read the book, Can I play too? by Mo Willems

I read Babe Ruth

Read The Berenstain Bears Play T-Ball by Stan Berenstain

Read The Berenstain Bears Play T-Ball by Stan Berenstain