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Curtains Up: Super Bookworm

I read The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

This book tells readers about how all three Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies were made and casted!

Read "Lights, Camera, Action Chugger!"

I read the book "Monsters Inc"

I read the book Isabelle

Read "Curious George Goes to the Movies"

We learned how movies appear on the screen, from a projected image in a room behind the seating area.

Read the Frozen book

Read Clifford is a star!

Read the Snuggle Puppy Board Book

Philadelphia chickens [sound recording] by [music by Boynton and Ford] — And we sang the song as we read.

I read "Jasmine Nights" by Julia Gregson.

This is a novel about a woman who meets a fighter pilot while singing for wounded soldiers during WWII. Eventually she is asked to do more than sing, as the story is based on true accounts of female entertainers used as spies during the war.

I read Sidney Rella and the Glass Sneaker

I read a book called "When Bob meets Woody" by Gary Golio

This book is in the biography section. Anyways, this book is about a person named Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan sings and plays his guitar. In the book, Bob meets his hero, Woody, who also sings a lot of songs. What happens when Bob meets Woody? You find out!

read 'lilley and the ballet class'

read 'Sugar plum ballerinas'

Alexandria struggles to perfect the sugarplum fairy dance on stage

read Alice in Wonderland

Venus and Serena Williams in the Community

Read Harry Potter book 6

read book about a fake bollywood star

me read Bollywood babes

I read a book about a fake bollywood movie star

The book is called Bollywood babes

Read the first two books of the Game of Thrones series

Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted

A look back at the historical significance of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I learned a lot about how TV sitcoms are made and written.