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Chow Down: Super Bookworm

Had a slurpie

It was a pina colada slurpie from 7 Eleven and it was delicious like all of their other ones.

my sister & I made pancakes for lunch

Stonehengethis this

This book is confusing and takes dedication but it helps

Read a Cookbook

Bobby Deen's everyday eats by Bobby Deen — This book features lightened-up recipes that can be made in about 30 minutes. Pretty good for weeknight cooking ideas.

read book name milk to ice cream. How is ice cream made?

About Milk and dairy products. Man name Jacob Fussell opened the first commercial ice cream factory. The milking process. From processing milk to producing ice cream finished product.

I read The Monster Health Book

It explains lots of unhealthy and healthy foods.

read Kids Cook

by Betty Crocker ISBN 978-0-471-75309-4

Read Valentines Day Sweets and Treats by Ruth Owen

Loved the recipes, I'm coping some and saving them for Valentines Day.

I read the recipe for Garlic Pepper Crisps from the book Kitchen For Kids

Though I didn't make it myself, it sounds delic.

read Splat the Cat Takes the Cake

Read a Book

IT was a book on some of Americas most famous food.

I read a book!

I learned how to cook great foods! I learned this in Sneaky Fitness: Fun, Foolproof Ways to Slip Fitness into Your Child's Everyday Life!

i read a cookbook called "cookbook for girls"

I read a recipe book

I read The very hungry catepillar by Eric Carle

this is a classic book

I made brownies form Nutella

read "a world of food"

Chow Down with Zinio Digital Magazines

Do you love to cook? Interested in some fun new recipes for summer? Our Zinio online magazine database gives you access to over 200 current magazines in their full color and glory! You can read them on your computer or tablet.

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Happy cooking (and eating!)

Show Me the Cookbook: TV Programs and Chefs

Wacky Food Books