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Chow Down: Super Bookworm

checked out cook book

Hooray! My hold came in - Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook.

I read Finger Lickin' Fifteen

Although this is a mystery book, this book is centered around a chef who has been killed and the characters enter into a bbq contest.

Read cook books by celebrities like Sheryl Crow

Love trying new recipes in these books

I read A book called Chocolate:riches from the rainforest

I read A Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff

Cady is an orphan with a special talent for knowing exactly what flavor cake best suits any person...and she can bake the cake. This page-turner story also twists around a delicious peanut butter factory. It is great treat for any reader.

I read: "Monsters Eat Whiny Children"

We read this book while driving on vacation! Speaking of Chow Down - we enjoyed this story about Eve and Henry who were captured by monsters. The monsters couldn't decide what delicious dish to make with their whiny ingredients - curry? Cake? Burgers? By the time they settled on cucumber sandwiches - Eve and Henry had snuck away! This book even has a recipe for cucumber sandwiches - maybe I'll give them a try!

I read "Madeline the Cookie Fairy"

easy recipies for kids

Food Safety by Sally Lee

I read Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty!

I read about Kitty destroying the birthday cake and learned in the Fun facts that cats cannot have chocolate.

read and cook

fix-it and forget-it cookbook

read a book on how to make chocolate

Read if you give a mouse a cookie

i read how to eat fried worms

Read Pinkilicious

Read "The Savages" by Matt Whyman

Used Rachel Ray's cookbook to make dinner