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Chow Down: Super Bookworm

I read Monsters don't eat Broccoli.

My mom read Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake to me

I read A World of Food

Read "Choose Good Food"

I read the book "Enormous crocodile" by Raold Dahl

I read a book called "Super Chicken Nugget Boy and the Furious Fry" by Josh Lewis

This book is about a boy named Fernando, but most people call him Fern. In this book, Fern turns into this superhero named Super Chicken Nugget boy by falling into radioactive cooking oil along with the class pet, Arnie the Salamander. Now, whenever someone would spray ketchup on Arnie or Fern, Fern would turn into Super Chicken Nugget Boy and Arnie would grow 50 times his size! But once you turn into Super Chicken Nugget Boy, you'll need some villians to fight. So in this book, Super Chicken Nugget Boy and Arnie the Awesome Amphibian face off against the Furious Fry. Who will win? Read the book!

Read Bears Snores On

Bear snores on by Karma Wilson ; illustrations by Jane Chapman — Bear was snoring, but his friends were having a picnic!

Read The Goose That Almost Got Cooked.

I read Pancakes Every Sunday

read 'charlie and the chocolate factory'

read book

me read a drink cookbook

read book

I read a drink cookbook

Read 'This book is not good for you' by

Cass and Max - ernest go thru steps to eliminate senor hugos chocolate

Farmer Will Allen Growing Table

I read a cookbok!

I read the cookbook when my mom and I was cleaning!!