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Be Well: Super Bookworm

I read Sports Illustrated for Kids.

My favorite part in the magazine was learning about baseball and reviewed the World Cup.

I read a book about Basketball.

I ride my bike everyday!

I read Miguel Cabrera by Joanne Mattern.

Read a book about being polite and manners

I read Skin and Bones by Sherry Shahan

"Jack is in a program for people with eating disorders because his parents want him to be there. He knows the truth: his thin frame looks good and he could even stand to lose a few pounds. Jack has been obsessed about his weight ever since middle school when a store clerk assessed his size and handed him a pair of “husky” jeans. He doesn’t think he needs to change."

Read the Melt Method

The Melt Method teaches foam roller techniques to release tension and live well!


this book tells you why to exercise definitions different types of exercises and lots more

the end.

I read The Fault in our Stars

The book has everything: Humor, Romance, Tragedy, Suspense. This is a great book. I cried a lot through it. This is one of my all time favorite books!:D

I read The Fault In Our Stars

Played soccer

We read Germs, Germs, Germs by Bobbi Katz

I learned all about Germs and how I can prevent myself and others from getting sick.

fault in our stars

I read the book fault in our stars. it is really good.

how to live heathy

exercise and do not some.

read and did yoga for kids

Zinio magazines on health & fitness

Runner's World, Running Times, Eating Well, and I hope to find even more magazines for creative ideas and inspiration to Be Well!