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Be Well: Super Bookworm

Read a article on how to cure the flu if you have it.

I read "Monster's Guide to being well"

I read Clifford goes to the Doctor

i read playground rules

i learned a lot of people do different things

We read the book Sam's Secret.

Read A Splash of Forever

Read A splash of forever by Sue Bentley Was about a girl who didn't want to take swimming lessons. Because kids at her old school teased her about being a good swimmer.

I read about sports

I read about amazing sports around the globe and how to play them.

Read "Running Like a Girl, Notes on Learning to Run" by Alexandra Heminsley

I could relate to the author because, like her, I never considered myself as a runner. But about 18 months ago, a college friend of mine inspired me to try it out when she signed up for the 2013 Detroit marathon. (Plus, the appeal of shedding pounds was another motivator.) I've made slow progress, but it's a start: I've run in two 5K races and plan to sign up next for a 10K race and hopefully keep going from there. 

I'm not sure I'll ever become marathon "material," but after reading this book, I have greater confidence and know-how to take my running abilities to the next level. Like so many things, the physical part of running is only half (or less) of the equation. The rest is all in your head: Attitude, perseverance, determination, and allowing others to let you believe you can achieve your goals is what ultimately drives you to the finish line. 

Here's a great quote from her book, which I recommend to any woman interested in running: "Once you have taught yourself that running isn't about breaking boundaries you thought you could never smash, and realized that it is about discovering those boundaries were never there in the first place, you can apply it to anything."

I read a book about yoga "areyou are a lion."

read blindsided

Read "Move your Body"

I read a book about Migeul Cabrea!

It was a really really good book! The Migeul Cabrea book was very interesting!

Read Outside Magazine

Checked out Vegetarian cook book "The Heart of the plate"

Read Urgency Emergency Big Bad Wolf

The wolf was choking on a little sheep's grandma.

Read about a Bull who Knows how to Be Himself

The story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf ; illustrated by Robert Lawson — Ferdinand knows exactly who he is, and by the end is able to just be who he is.

I read Who can Break a Habit

I read a book called "Bryce Harper" by Valerie Boden

This book is in the biography section. Anyways, this book is about a baseball player named Bryce Harper and the amazing stuff he did so far in life. Like, for example, did you know that when Bryce was nine, he started traveling the United States to play ball? That's pretty amazing! So be sure to check it out!