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Around the World: Super Bookworm

Read Madeline (from France!)

Madeline by story and pictures by Ludwig Bemelmans

I read "Our Father and Hail Mary"

Read book about the moon

Read 'Thea Stilton and the Ice treasure'

Thea sisters go to Barrow alaska to save the glaciers

My mom read me a book about Brazil.

I chose a book about Brazil because I watched them when they were playing in the World Cup.

Read Soccer Star

The story takes place in Brazil.

I read Backyardians: Journey Around the World.

I read a book about Japan

I read a book

I read the 39 clues

I read the 39 clues

I read the 39 clues in which they travel around the world in a clue hunt

I read Ddsworth in Rome by Tim Egan

i went to a kite festival

i went to a kite festival

BOP magazine.

Willies word world

weird SPORTS

weird SPORTS