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Around the World: Super Bookworm

Listened to "Behind the Scenes at the Museum" audiobook by Kate Atkinson

This story is set mostly in England, but its characters also show up in Australia and Scotland. It spans three generations of women, from pre-WWII to 1992. I enjoyed Atkinson's recent novel "Life After Life" and decided to go back and check out some of her earlier works. Next on my list: "Case Histories."

I read Thea Stilton and the Cherry Blossom Adventure

It was about the Thea sisters going to Japan. Japan has beautiful flowers and some people in Japan wear lightweight dresses called kimonos.

Read Soccer star

read my latest edition of National Geographic, Little Kids magazine

This edition talked about various species of animals from around the globe. My favorite was the mommy & baby koala, which is found in Australia.

Read London's Afternoon Teas by Susan Cohen

i read the book "if the walls could talk"

It's about the Whitehouse and what each president did in the house

I read "An Irish Country Wedding" by Patrick Taylor.

Set in rural Ireland, this story centers on the life of a country doctor.

Read a book about Pearl Harbor

Read a German book.

I read a Flat Stanley Book

I read about a book about India

I went to India for 3 weeks and visited Agra and Jaipur

I read a book about India

I went to India for 3 weeks

Read various Banff and Canadian Rockies Guide Books from CPL

Checking out and reading guide books helped me prepare for a family vacation to Banff.

Read the Book Thea Stilton and the Spanish Dance Mission

They traveled to Spain in the book. It was a very good book.