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Animal Lover: Super Bookworm

I read How Little Bear Lost His Tail

read a book

read 'just so stories' by rudyard kipling

stories about animals

Read 'The wind in the Willows ' by Kenneth grahame

Its about animals that live in the riverbanks and their lifestyle

I read Show Me Dogs.

I read Show Me Dogs.

We read "Vulture View"

I read a book called "Zoo School"

Zoo school was a book about these kids that left there regular school and went to this crazy zoo school! I really recommend this book! I couldn't put it down!

I read the book Happy Pig Day!

I read Happy Pig Day by Mo Williems all by myself!

Read the book titled WildAnimals

I could identify all the animals without my parents help!

Read a few fun cat books

I read I am Maru by Mugumogu and Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs by Julie Jackson

I read "Grumpy Bird" with Daddy

It was a grumpy book. It was a kind book. I loved the part when he was grumpy.

Checked Cat Telling Tales

Checked out Cat Telling Tales

Read "Dog Fancy" magazine


read " a field of horses"

I have read a book that is a guide to bird nature lovers


I want to own a cat one day, and this book will help.