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Sleuth It: On the Scene

Family History Sleuth:Getting Started with Genealogy

With so much information available online and at the library, getting started on your family history has never been easier. Kris Rzepczynski, a coordinator at the Library of Michigan, will highlight the tools available to help sleuth out your long, lost relatives. This program will explore key resources, including census records and newspapers, online tools and databases to assist you in your research, and successful strategies for finding your elusive ancestors. Join us July 24th at 7:00 PM.

Went geocaching with the kids and hubby!


I found out about ancient tombs in ejapt

Completed a wedding scavenger hunt

I estimated the number of suckers for the guessing game

Guesse how much sucres

i guessed 518 suckers


Played Clue at my grandma's house.

I guessed how many suckers.

I guessed 318 suckers

guessed the number of lollipops

Guessed the number of lollipops at the library

I gave an estimate of the number of lollipops in the jar

Finished the Mystery Matching Page

Guessed number of loillipops

Mystery Matching Quiz

This was challenging and fun because I didn't know all of the characters but the clues gave some little hints as to who the person was.

I guessed the number of suckers in the jar!

I guessed the number 321