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Sleuth It: On the Scene

I watched Scooby Doo Mystery

Guessed the amount of lollipops in the case

Completed the Name hat Sleuth Activity sheet

Completed the Sleuth It Activity

Very nicely done mystery quiz

I did a Slueth It activity at the Libarary

I visited the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, formerly the Texas School Book Depository.

The museum reviewed the various conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of Kennedy, but presented very credible evidence that Oswald killed him.

Climbed my family tree.

Shared genealogy tips and made a family tree scrapbook page.

Tried to solve the rubrics cube for the first time - age 6.5 yr

We made and participated in a treasure hunt

guessed the number of suckers

Hope I'm right

Completed one of the Mystery Matching Quizzes

The one I picked was a little more grown-up than I'm usually familiar with, but I've picked up some library skills over the years and was able to sleuth out the answers!

Activity- blue lollypops

I guessed how many blue lolly pops were in the window.

Name that sleuth

I was not very good at this!

Sleuth it activity sheet


Completed the Sleuth-It quiz.

I guessed how many lollipops that were were in the container.

I guessed that there 1,000 lollipops in the container.

Sleuth It Mystery Matching Quiz

I did the Name that Sleuth activity

I had to guess the detective based on the clue. There were some I hadn't heard of, so I had to do some sleuthing!