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My Mitten: On the Scene

A Star on the Michigan Map!

Belleville Lake in Belleville, Michigan is where I have spent every Sunday this summer with family and friends relaxing on our boat. It is a great lake close to home and Sandy’s Marina is a wonderful place to dock your boat; they also have a great year end dock party. Lakes and boating is what Michigan is all about.

Placed star stickers on the map

Placed star stickers on large map at the library for places I went to this summer in michigan

Put sticker on Michigan map

Put a star on the Michigan map at the library

Placed a star on the map of MI

Explore Michigan

We went to Leslie Center in Ann Arbor for a camp out, visited various parks and splash pad in Canton, went to downtown Detroit and enjoyed the River Walk.

Went to Irish Hills

Put a Star on the MI map

I don't get away from the library much, so my star went on the west coast of Michigan, where there have been several bear sightings.

Put a star on the map

Cadillac is my favorite place to go up north!

Ann Arbor Art Fair

I went to the Ann Arbor Art fair.

I put a sticker on the Michigan map at the library on Detroit

Completed "Stick It With My Mitten" Activity

Went to Port Huron, Holland and Presque Isle this Summer.

Went to Kensington Metro Park

I put a sticker on Frankenmuth

I put a star on Frankenmuth

Put a star on the map where we have been this summer in Michigan.

I went to Greenfield VIllage.

I went to Greenfield Village.

i went to muskigun