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Love It: On the Scene

i read the minecraft redstone handbook

I made a "My Favorite Book" bookmark at the library.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

Filled out a paper about the different Disney books

The library had a sheet where I identified all the Disney books.

Made a book mark at the library

I went golfing with my dad.

I made a bookmark with the title of my favorite book.

On the bookmark, I wrote that my favorite book was a series of books called "The Genius Files". I also drew a picture of a brain on it.

Family reunion

I climbed a tree!

It was really fun to climb a tree!

Went fishing with my Grandpa.

I caught two fish.

I went up north to a cottage.

We went tubing with Grandpa.

I went to the batman party

I went to the batman party

I created a flower for my hair at the library

Had family pictures taken outdoors!


I went to a program for my fav book

Went to Dance Your Fanny Off Today!

Danced my fanny off to some great music with a very enthusiastic crowd!


me took bookmark, me give bookmark

I did the craft.

I took a bookmark and left a bookmark