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Love It: On the Scene

My "LOVE IT" Bookmark

My Love it bookmark list some of the fun activities I did for CYS and a few of the great books I read.
The best part about summer reading was doing it with my granddaughter!

Decorated a bookmark

had a delightful outdoor storytime today!

I went to the Summer Style Story time

Made a bookmark

Rohl Dahl Book Club at library!

studied in the quiet library room.

I always love to come to library..whether it is for studying or picking new books or it

I visited the George W. Bush library in Dallas.

I enjoy presidential history and this museum was very well done. The 9/11 exhibit was especially moving.

Attended "National Book Lover's Day Program"

Super excited about up coming family vacation

checked out new books at the libray

I'm very busy reading for new bages.i hope i get them all =)

Made a Bookmark

attended "Family Book Talk Night" program

We had a blast talking about books by Roald Dahl. We also did some easy crafts. Although there were only three families in total (12 families signed up), we really enjoyed it and hope there will be more book discussions to encourage kids to talk about books and authors.

Made the Love It book mark

Made a bookmark

Attended the Cirque Amongus

It was so fun. The magic box trick was so cool.

I made a bookmark

I made a bookmark with the name of my favorite book