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Great Outdoors: On the Scene

We did the scavenger hunt

I did the scavenger hunt!

It was tricky but, it was AWESOME!!!!

Took the Boys to Summer Style Storytime

A great storytime by the Huron Valley Humane Society. Cute dogs and fun crafts on a beautiful day!

Went tubing at the lake.

I caught bull frogs and turtles at the lake during camp

I played outside.

I play soccer and t-ball. I caught two fish at the fish farm.

completed name that country worksheet

Went into the caves in Kentucky

Went camping over the 4th of July with the family


I read outdoors storyteller

Enjoyed a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony

Completed the Great Outdoors scavenger hunt outside of CPL

Summer is the perfect time to explore the grounds around the library, especially behind it (south side). There are ducks in the pond in the wetlands area, and several varieties of wildflowers are in full bloom. Cattails are abundant as well.

I completed the Great Outdoors Scavenger Hunt activity sheet at the library.

Some of the items were difficult to find. Can you find the rock as big as a chair, or a house for birds?


went on a scavenger hunt

Did the outdoor scavenger hunt