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Great Outdoors: On the Scene

Great Outdoors Scavanger Hunt

Such a lovely day! I went outside for a break and completed the Great Outdoors Scavanger Hunt.

Completed the Library Grounds Scavenger Hunt

Library's scavenger hunt!

Outdoor activities - biking, swimming, and climbing trees

We swam on the hot days, biked around our neighborhood and learned to climbed trees!

Went to our family's lake house

Did the scavenger hunt

Explored my neighborhood

I went for a long walk exploring my neighborhood. Ended up being over 4 miles long. I found all sorts of routes around the neighborhood and loved spotting bunnies running around everywhere too!

Outdoor walking

I walk over to the park on my lunch hour and sit by the pond and visit the ducks. 

I did the scavenger hunt

Did serch

I completed the library activity sheet and submitted it

Library Activity

Scavenger Hunt activity sheet.

the nature activity sheet

i found all the things required to complete the page.

Scavenger Hunt activity sheet

i made a kite and flew it

We did the scavenger hunt