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Geek Out: On the Scene

Cut out and made the dog from the library cut out

I made Star Wars R2-D2 out of the activity sheet provided at the library.

played with bugs

i make a paper person adventure time finn

I Made the Police Box From the Library Worksheet

This was a fun, yet complicated activity that in the end turned out to be great!

Built my Tardis

Thanks for providing the print out in the library :)

Made Finn

It was bending the pieces and seeing what Finn looked like.

Created Finn

From the library I created Finn by folding and taping.

I built the Police Public Call Box out of the blue paper provided at the CYS Activity Table

It was hard at first but I persevered and was able to build it!:D

I cut out a 3d picture.

built the police tardis out of paper.

built a cube out of a paper from the library.

Made Aventure Time Character

I picked up a paper from the library with Finn on it. I cut it out and flooded it together.

Went on my favorite ride-Himalayes

Went to the Liberty Fest last Saturday and rode on this really cool ride named the Himalayes.

I made the Police Box Puzzle

I made a 3D paper Finn & Jake

Animanga meeting (June)

I write Jelsa fiction now

I made a adventure time dog in the library.