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Geek Out: On the Scene

I made a paper R2D2


To a hula Hoop contest

Constructed my own "Doctor Who" Tardis.

I read Meanie Head by Bruce Eric Kaplan

it was about a boy and a girl who got in a fight. At the end they stopped fighting.

Completed FINN foldable, JAKE foldable, and COMPANION BLOCK foldable

Made this thing....

I Made a Tardis

Well, actually, I had to have some help cutting it out, because it's hard for me to hold scissors. And I also had some help putting it together because it was more difficult than I had anticipated. But here's a photo of me with the final product. I am ready for some time-traveling space adventures!

Did a science experiment at my grandmas.

Played PAC Man at the library Fun!!

Played PAC man at the library

Watched lego movie

Adventure time Jake craft

I took the paper home and made a cute Jake. #AdventureTimeisawesome :)

I made 'Jake' from the cartoon Adventure Time.

Dalek meet TARDIS. TARDIS, Dalek.

I made a Cubecraft.

built 3d models with kids

built 3d robot

built 3d robot

I made a figure out of paper

Made a figure at the library