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Geek Out: On the Scene

Presented the "Smarter iPhone" program July 30 at CPL

I've enjoyed discovering loads of fun and practical ways to use my iPhone to do things like save time, energy and money, make me more organized and productive, access more music and books, take better photos and even help me sleep better at night. Preparing for this program forced me to research the best tips, tricks and apps out there for the iPhone. My goal was to share this knowledge so others could reap some of the same benefits I've experienced with the iPhone. Attendance was good, and everyone left with at least a handful of useful tips that they will be using on their iPhone. Mission accomplished!

I made paper pterodactyl

I am building lords of the rings spider

Program set-up

Helped get all the A/V ready for a program this morning, and got to see how the wireless mic works.

I made the R2D2 and mine craft 3D paper craft boxes.

I needed a little help from my parents.

Went to Lego Minecraft camp

I learned how to build a rocket and mine launched into the air

I went to Lego: Minecraft camp

held my Happy Birthday Batman Program!

Took 4 tutoring classes to work on my knowledge over the summer

Helped Thorndyke make his Tardis

It was really hard. An Xacto knife would have helped. 

I made the minecraft block

3D Papercraft

Math Tutoring at the library!

Ice cream!

We built the Tartis from Doctor Who

Played Legos with friends at Kids Corner

I made a stop motion animated lego movie.