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Geek Out: On the Scene

Went to Lego Minecraft camp

I learned how to build a rocket and mine launched into the air

I went to Lego: Minecraft camp

held my Happy Birthday Batman Program!

Took 4 tutoring classes to work on my knowledge over the summer

Helped Thorndyke make his Tardis

It was really hard. An Xacto knife would have helped. 

I made the minecraft block

3D Papercraft

Math Tutoring at the library!

Ice cream!

We built the Tartis from Doctor Who

Played Legos with friends at Kids Corner

I made a stop motion animated lego movie.

I helped my brother make a stop motion animated lego movie.

I made a 3D paper TARDIS!

i made a 3D paper craft from the CPL

Made a Tardis

listened to One Direction cd.

i fixed a light