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Game On: On the Scene

Did crossword puzzle

finished and turned in Game on Words Search

I watched a World Cup 2014

We played baseball

I did a word search.

The word search's theme was summer. Like for example, one of the words that you had to find was beach. See what I'm saying?

Did the game puzzle

I completed the Game On word search worksheet from the library

I completed the library activity of matching the rule to the game.

Found all the Words

The Game On Word Search was really hard! It took a long time to find some of those backwards words.

Acitivity sheet

I completed the guess the game sheet

Completed the Rules Quiz

I think someone should make up a game that incorporates all the rules on this sheet... it would probably be some relation to Calvinball.

Making a Lego boat

Game Activity Sheet

I matched each classic game with its description.

I went to a Detroit Tigers game

I played hide and seek with my family

Connect Your Summer 2014