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Curtains Up: On the Scene

Finished the worksheet

I made a t-shirt at the family tie-dye event.

I also went to a Marvel Super Hero event at Barnes and Noble and learned about super hero movies.

Attended Muppet Movie showing

Witnessed the life cycle of monarchs

I have been watching the caterpillars in the Children's Department as they hatch from eggs, grow, become chrysalises, and finally emerge as beautiful monarch butterflies. Only nature could put on a show this great.

Completed The Play's the Thing Activity sheet

Did the movie crossword puzzle

Filled in curtains up crossword for kids paper

We put on a play at home for the family

Did The Play's the Thing puzzle

I watched King of the Rails with my brother.

I watched King of the Rails.

Activity sheet

I completed "The Play's the thing" activity sheet

Movies activity sheet

Movies Activity Sheet

I guessed the movie described by each plot summary.

I went and saw the lego movie