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Chow Down: On the Scene

Finished the worksheet

Attended cooking program with Mary Spencer

Sheet from the library

Completed the Chow Down Fill in the Food Activity Sheet

finished and turned in the Chow Down on the scene worksheet

Summer BBQ and trying out a new restaurant

We did a few BBQ with friends and neighbors. We also tried out a new deli place in downtown Detroit and a bakery near Detroit Zoo.

Helped mom cook

I completed the Yummy Food fiction activity sheet

Did the fill in the food sheet.


Completed the Foodie Book activity

I picked tomatos that I helped my dad grow.

I picked my first cucumber that I have grown from seed.

Foodie Books Activity Sheet

Found the food related titles that went with the book descriptions given.

Yummy Food Fiction

It's about finding the food that goes in the blank by a certain author.

I completed the Foodie Books activity

I filled in the blanks on the Foodie Books worksheet, which omitted foodie items from book titles. I haven't read any of them, but the descriptions sound good, so I may have to pick them up!

I tried lot's of food at a buffet