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Chow Down: On the Scene

Did the Foodie Books activity sheet

Went to a Mexican Restaurant in Kentucky

Tried a new restaurant on date night - Side Tracked in Ypsi

Completed the Foodie Books activity sheet

i did the yummy food fiction worksheet

Went out to lunch with Daddy at Buffalo Wild Wings!


me did sheet

I did the sheet

I did the kids sheet

i went to a picnic

I made a cupcake

Completed "Foodie Books" Activity Sheet

Turned in my Yummy Food Fiction worksheet

Hanging out in the Children's Department all day really helps - I knew them all!

Filled out the Foodie Books sheet

I had to look up all but two in the catalog, but some of them sound really good and have been added to my reading list!

Went out to dinner.

I submitted the Yummy food fiction activity

finished yummy food fiction activity

Yummy Food Fiction

I completed the "Yummy Food Fiction" work page

I did the yummy food fiction worksheet.