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Chow Down: On the Scene

I did the Yummy Food fiction worksheet at the library!

I knew 5 answers but had to look the rest up on the online catalog. My mom helped me.

Picked strawberries with my mom and my friends.

Then my mom made strawberry jam.

Growing my own spices - spearment and basil!!!

completed the yummy food fiction

completed the yummy food fiction

We went for a family dinner and picked healthy food to eat

I made the Yellow Butter Cake recipe that was posted on Facebook.

Did the Foodie Books activity sheet

Went to a Mexican Restaurant in Kentucky

Tried a new restaurant on date night - Side Tracked in Ypsi

Completed the Foodie Books activity sheet

i did the yummy food fiction worksheet

Went out to lunch with Daddy at Buffalo Wild Wings!


me did sheet

I did the sheet

I did the kids sheet

i went to a picnic

I made a cupcake

Completed "Foodie Books" Activity Sheet