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Be Well: On the Scene

I wrote a "Be Well" tip on a leaf for the library tree

I wrote a tip on a leaf about how to be well

Drinking water refreshes and revives your body, soul, and mind.

Had to have x-rays, and I found out I had a fracture in my ankle!

Helped grandpa weed the garden

Attended an hour long Zumba session

Had fun dancing my way into a full blown sweat!

I went to clinic for a check up

Filled in a leaf for the CPL Be Well tree of life

To me, gardening is healthy for my body and soul! I don't even mind pulling weeds!

Completed green leaf activity at library.

Wrote a "Be Well" tip on a leaf

Riding your bike and is healthy activity

I wrote a wellness tip on a leaf and turned it in to the library

this was a library activity

I told a exercise fact.I wrote it on a paper leaf.

Made a leaf at the library

Exercise - swim and ride bikes

I exercised with my family.

Watered my garden

It has list of different plants in it such as cabbages, tomatoes, and pumpkin with different types of flowers.


Healthy tip

Wrote healthy tip on a leaf

i filled out a leaf explaining what to do to be healthier