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Be Well: On the Scene

Went to the gym and took a very hard cardio class - I feel great!

had a water balloon fight and went to the park

had a fun-filled day with my brother playing with water balloons and going to the park.

Wrote health tip on the leaf and put on the tree.

Walked 5 miles with a friend

I wrote my Be Well Goal and Advice and stuck it on the Tree in the CPL

Goal: Run 5k in August Advice: Eat greens!

I played volleyball with my friends

I wrote one scentence about how to be well.

I did a 2mile hike on orchard lake trails

made a be well card.

the end.

Left be well tip at library.

Played dodgeball at sky zone

I Amost Won!

Left a be well tip

wrote a tip on a leaf

Wrote a tip on how to be well.


did INSANITY with my mom.

I went on a walk and rode my scooter

I went on a walk for 30 minutes. I also made my own little track with chalk and rode my scooter around and around it. But it rained and got washed away. :(

I took swimming lessons

I took swimming lessons

Provided a Be Well tip at the library.