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Be Well: On the Scene

I added a leaf to the Be Well tree at the library. I suggested growing your own food in the summertime.

The book Home Sweet Home Grown: How to Grow, Make and Store Food, No Matter Where You Live is a great guide to growing, harvesting, and canning vegetables. It has some tasty recipes included, as well.

Added a leaf to the Be Well tree at the library

Filled out the leaf and added it to the Be Well tree

i stretched my body to keep well

I went on a bike ride with my dad and sister after dinner


at my own cart festival

I filled out a wellness leaf

I pledged to drink one glass of water before drinking any other kind of beverage each day.

Play Basketball and Cycling in neighborhood

i wrote what somthing that makes me healthy


Did Yoga on the beach at 6 am while at MDA camp at Camp Cavell on 6/25

I read Big Little Mother

it was about a girl who lost her cat. the cat's name is kittywumpus. I enjoyed it.

Danced My Fanny Off

Dance at the first Summertime Dance Your Fanny Off to some great music about the Great Outdoors. Looking forward to more dancing this summer!

Submitted my Leaf for the Be Well Tree

This summer I'm going to try exercising more - it will have to be after hours. Summer is a good time for this.

Added my leaf to the tree.

Don't apply mascara in the car.  It may seem obvious, but so many people do it!  One of the most common eye injuries: corneal abrasions caused by mascara wands.

danced to Hot Hot Hot

Filled Out a Green Leaf while at the Library

We have a container garden this summer again: we are growing our own lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and beans--green and yellow. Yummy!

I went to dance your fanny off with my mom.

I went to Dance Your Fanny Off Storytime with my mom and danced.

Wrote a be will tip

I wrote: Go swimming and play tag

I took my son to Dance your Fanny off.

I took my son to Dance your Fanny off storytime.

Rode my bike to the library